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Maryland CE Guidelines (not following these guidelines can result in non-issuance of CE credits):

  1. Students MUST present a PHOTO ID upon entering the course in order to be admitted to the session.
  2. All students for MARYLAND must SIGN IN at the beginning of the course and provide theirMaryland Real Estate License Number on the sign in sheet. Please review the sign in sheet and make sure that all license numbers are provided.
  3. All students must SIGN OUT at the end of the session.
  4. If a class has more than 25 students but less than 50, a class monitor will be identified by the instructor. The monitor will assist the instructor in timing the class, ensuring that no electronic devices are in use during the class, that anyone leaving the class be gone no longer than 5 minutes or they will not receive credit for the class, and the monitor will help with the sign-in and sign-out process.
  5. If someone leaves the classroom, the instructor or monitor will note next to the person’s name what time they left the room and what time they re-entered the room.
  6. A student will not receive credit hours if the student arrives after the classroom instruction begins or departs prior to the class being dismissed. There is no longer a time limit attached to the lateness. (note: there used to be a 10 minute "grace period" but that has been removed. NO EXCEPTIONS!)
  7. If a student is out of the classroom during the instruction period for more than 5 minutes during a 60 minute period, they will not receive credit hours.

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